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About us

Counseling and Guidance Center

  1. Individual Counseling: Assist students in self-awareness, self-exploration, and problem-solving through one-on-one counseling service to promote self-change and self-development.

Part-time counselors for on-campus consultation:

There are part-time counselors providing service for students. The Counseling and Guidance Center can appointment students to the counseling service they need.

2. The promotion activities for Mental Health 3-Level Prevention: Hold special topic lectures, workshops, movie appreciation, growth groups related to mental health.

3. Psychological testing: Hold group psychological tests, including interests, character, learning and values.

4. Counseling Week with mental health topic: Hold a series of activities for gender relations, life education, depression prevention ,human rights education and settling of body and mind.

5. Hold counseling activities on Departmental Transfer, Transfer Students and Freshmen Counseling.

6. Provide counseling information: Provide articles related to mental health on the website of the Counseling and Guidance Center and in MC Magazine for faculty members’ and students’ reference.

 Counseling Hours

 Monday ~ Friday - 8:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00