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The strategies of the mission development

  1. Establishing a high quality of friendly, healthy, learning and serving campus and upgrade the quality of life and learning.
  2. Carrying out the efficacy of all units’ duties to meet the criteria of the administrative evaluation.
  3. Motivating serving learning and carrying out the spirit of caring and community service.
  4. Cultivating students to be autonomous and obeying law and order.
  5. Educating students to have morals and positive attitude to be great citizens.
  6. Activating and integrating student clubs to apply their capabilities.
  7. Functioning the homeroom teacher system to facilitate student’s life and learning.
  8. Providing psychological health caring system to help students’ mental and spiritual development.
  9. Scheming organization learning to upgrade students’ professional abilities in student affairs and guidance.

Motivating and helping students to be mental and physical healthy.