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   Student Health Center services cover health services, environmental health, health education and health promotion, including health screening and case management, outpatient services, accident and injury treatment, infectious disease control and prevention, restaurant hygiene supervision, health consultations, and so on.

Prevention Priorities:

       At Student Health Services and Health Promotion Services, we partner with students to improve their health and well-being, and support their overall success in college.

The healthy campus community our work is guided by evidence-based practices within the following priority areas:

•    Provide education, and promotion to reduce risk of infectious and communicable diseases such as influenza and sexually transmitted infections.

•    Provide support, education for those who would like to quit smoking.

•    Provide education on, and access to birth control to prevent unintended pregnancies and support reproductive and sexual health.

•    Provide services, AIDS screening

•    Provide education and services to promote healthy eating, weight management and physical activity.

•    Engage and collaborate with campus partners to advocate for a shared vision and responsibility in student health and well-being, and cultivate partnerships that advance health promotion initiatives.