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Department of Athletics

Name /Email /TEL ext.

Job Title


Chang, Shih-Pei


ext. 6100

Director and Professor

1. Coordinating PE classes, activities and service learning affairs

2. Supervising business and cross communication

3. Official document management

Shih, Ku-Sen


ext. 6105

Associate Professor

1. Planning PE classes and regulation amendment

2. PE teachers arrangement

3. Add-and-drop PE classes affairs

4. PE and leisure exercise elections affairs

5. PE Scholarship affairs

6. Physical fitness testing and filing 

Huang, Jo-Yi


ext. 6104

Associate Professor and Administration Teacher

1. PE classes affairs

2. Planning PE competitions

3. Holding annual sports meeting

4. Sports teams management

5. Promoting MOE and intramural PE policy activities

Shyu, Yuh-Ling


ext. 6107

Assistant Professor

PE instruction

Tsai, Ying-Mei


ext. 6253


PE instruction

Yeh, Shiou-Huang

shiouhuang1210@gmail.com ext. 6109

Associate Professor

PE instruction

Luo, Ting-Yi


ext. 6109

Associate Professor

PE instruction

Chuang, Shu-Ru

ext. 6108


Assistant Professor

PE instruction

Hsiu, Chen-Hsu


ext. 6410

Assistant Professor and Library Information Service Division Director

PE instruction

Wei, Shou-Chun

weishouchun@yahoo.com.tw ext. 6202

Assistant Professor and Director of Marketing Division at Office of Extension Education

PE instruction

ext. 6102

Senior Technician

1. Holding Department of Athletics meetings

2. Advisory Committee business

3. Holding Teaching Commentary meetings

4. Coordinating Curriculum Committee meetings

5. Student workers management

6. Official document and property management

7. Business reports management

8. Budget and facility management

9. Teachers management

10. Sports field /gym/facility maintenance and management                     

11. Assisting the annual sports meet