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 Department of Athletics   Introduction

Department of Athletics is affiliated to the Office of Student Affairs, which comprehensively reviews the school's sports administration business and physical education teaching business.

It aims to improve the quality of sports activities, strengthen the safety and benefits of operating and manage sports facilities, promote the physical development of students and faculty and staff, and improve sports knowledge and develop sports habits. The school's indoor stadiums have badminton halls, dance classrooms, billiards classrooms and physical fitness centers; outdoor court management has basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts and playgrounds, providing a more perfect sports environment for teachers, students and community people.

Department of Athletics implements the goal of developing whole-person education to promote sports activities. In addition to improving students' basic physical fitness, opening diversified physical education courses, adding sports facilities and equipment, and opening up a learning and sports environment, it has become a balanced development of the physical and mental spirit. It always envisions for the all-round growth of students, plans exquisite and diverse sports activities, and promotes the whole school to achieve physical and mental health, develop sports habits, enjoy sports fun, and improve the quality of life.