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Job Title


Mr. Yu /

107735@ctust.edu.tw / ext. 8120

Division Director

Scheming, promoting and supervising all the student life guidance activities and affairs

Mr. Chao /    

301014@ctust.edu.tw /

ext. 8121

Project Research  Assistant

1. Facilitating commencement affairs

2. Promoting teacher-student carpooling

3. Carrying out traffic safety education and meetings

4. Coordinating volunteer traffic directors

5. Inspecting violating scooters

6. Holding class leader meetings and class meeting minutes management

7. Democracy and law and order education business

8. Lost-and-found affairs

9. Gender equality, bully prevention and dining problem management

Ms. Lu / lflu@ctust.edu.tw  /

ext. 8122

Senior Clerk

1. Freshmen orientation affairs

2. Student rewards and penalties affairs

3. Student attendance/absence affairs and records management

4. Absence warning management

5. Budget listing and spending

6. Student conduct affairs and records management

7. Working students affairs and management

8. Overseas Chinese students guidance

9. Morality education affairs

10. Class cadres training affairs

11. Transfer students guidance affairs

12. Students manual regulation editing

13. Division webpages maintenance

14. Carrying out students guidance activities

Ms. Liu


ext. 5200 or 5600

Senior Clerk

1. Dorm affairs management

2. Dorm students discussion meeting

3. Holding dorm activities

4. Dorm students guidance

Ms. Lin     

301031@ctust.edu.tw  ext. 8123

Project Research Assistant

1. Reporting dorm affairs online

2. Dorm allocation and management

3. Short-term residence application

4. Economic-minority students application processing

5. Webpage maintenance

Ms. Lam


ext. 5200 or 5600

Senior Clerk

1. Dorm facility maintenance and property management

2. Dorm environment management

3. Dorm students guidance

4. On-duty shift

Ms. Wei


ext. 6610

Contract Staff

1. Support commence affairs

2. Extension freshmen orientation affairs

3. Extension students rewards and penalties affairs

4. Extension students attendance/absence affairs and records management

5. On-line newsletters publishing

6. Extension students conduct affairs and records management

7. Extension class cadres training affairs

8. Extension class leaders meetings

9. Extension division webpage maintenance

10. Hosting guidance activities

11. Departmental meeting management

12. Extension division lost-and-found service

13. Extension class field trip application